We grow through research & Development


We endeavour to make employees and partners conscious about their health so they can live better, healthier lives.



INITIAL-HEALTH’s goal is to increase citizen’s life quality and longevity through research, education and product development. Having a fourth of our yearly budget being spent on R & D, we aim at inventing new medicinal procedures to enhance people’s wellbeing and their life quality.. INITIAL-HEALTH understands that physical wellbeing is the foundation to human progress and puts immense efforts in accomplishing this vital task.



We seek to prevent all suffering and casualties due to illnesses through our medicinal breakthroughs. We also envision a solution to increase drastically human lifespan so that people can enjoy their lives for a longer time.The future that we see is one in which men is no longer slowed down by diseases of all kind and by his age, being able to easily surpass them with our prescriptions.

Our research facilities have been quoted the most efficient throughout North America.


Medical Research

INITIAL-HEALTH’s professionals have proved the efficiency

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QA Audit

Our team of experts have a unique goal: to bring your product’s quality

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Clinical Studies

Our clinical studies are made ethically to provide exceptional

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Product Manufacturing

Our facilities have been rated by the greatest by all certification

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We are looking for individuals that are passionate about human well-being. Make sure to apply to one of the job below if you think you are qualified.

Biomedical Engineer

Lead the research & development of engineering solutions to be used

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Natural Product Consultant

Does the preparations for product demands.

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Equipment validation specialist

Qualify for packaging process, equipment and systems.

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Quality Assurance Specialist

Implement the audit program.Ensures the laboratory housekeeping.

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